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Escape Room Sales 

Escape Room Sales was established in September 2017 by three owners with two successful escape room venues for over two years.

The difference between Escape Room Sales and other escape room design companies is that our games have been tested, played, and are successfully operating at our locations.

We own Expedition Escape with locations in King of Prussia, PA and Montgomeryville, PA. Feel free to check out our website/locations at Be sure to read our reviews from our players on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yelp about the rooms we're selling here.

We invite you to come and play our games at our locations before purchasing them! If you're in the area or planning on making a trip out, please reach out to us so we can get you scheduled!


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We can be reached at

We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience!

Our policies are outlined below to ensure a positive experience for all of our customers:

  • After you purchase one of our escape room games, you will be required to sign a Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) before receiving any information about the game play. If you refuse to sign the NDA, we will happily refund you, but you will not receive any information about the game play.
  • After the NDA is signed, we will share pictures of the room and answer any confidential questions you may have. You will then be required to sign a License Agreement before receiving the actual game play and puzzles. If you refuse to sign the License Agreement, we will happily refund you, but you will not receive any information about the actual game play or puzzles. Any information you learned about that game will need to be kept confidential defined in the terms of the NDA you signed.
  • Once you become a valued customer, we will be happy to provide ongoing customer support to answer any questions you have about the puzzles and provide any changes we make that we feel better suit the game (we feel as though games and puzzles can always be improved upon and with these games actually running at our locations we're always improving them).
  • Once you've purchased a product, the puzzles series is yours to use as you wish: intact, in part, or modified to suit your facility.
  • To avoid duplicity in the marketplace, your purchase entitles you to use the design at one location only. Email us and we will be happy to inform you of specific markets currently using our designs.
  • Every game comes with a territory of about a 3 hour drive (300 miles) to protect your investment.
  • We strive to make our designs 100% safe for players and employees. By purchasing a product, you agree that we cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occur at your facility in the construction or implementation of our puzzle series.
  • Customers do not have permission to re-sell any of our products.
  • Escape room packages are delivered in English. If you would like to run the room in various languages, you'll have to translate the puzzle and clues yourself.

All prices are in US dollars.

All creations are ©2017 Escape Room Sales and Expedition Escape LLC.


Download our NDA below if you'd like to ask specific questions about our games or to see general photos!

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We are located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Eastern Standard Time. Please take this into consideration when waiting for a response (we do sleep sometimes lol).

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